Sustainable bags and backpacks - the Wrightbower story so far

Welcome to Wrightbower; we hope you stay and browse a while. We’d like to introduce ourselves, what we stand for and how we arrived here. 

About Wrightbower

Wrightbower designs bags and backpacks with sustainability, functionality and longevity in mind. We are functional accessories with firm ethics. 

We designed our first range for the cityscape, intending to provide for the urban commuter, student and professional. Thanks to the versatility of Econyl, Wrightbower bags are perfect for the countryside as well. 

Our first and current range is now live. Visit the shop!

Who are we?

We’re a team based in Manchester, UK, led by father-daughter team Michael and Jess. 

Michael has nearly 30 years in the textile manufacturing industry; it is his expertise that helped to build our Wrightbower bags and tweak the designs for best performance. He is passionate about British manufacturing. When many businesses decided to manufacture overseas, it threatened fantastic local craftsmanship that Michael is keen to salvage. Wrightbower supports British jobs and business. 

Jess comes from a creative background. Her designs and ideas for a more sustainable fashion industry bring together the Wrightbower vision. 

Not forgetting the most important part of the operation: our team of expert machinists and cutters. We couldn’t have Wrightbower without them. 

A brief history of Wrightbower

Our name is an anglicism of Reitbauer, Michael and Jess’ Austrian family name. It is an ode to Michael’s parents and Jess’ grandparents who founded the factory where all Wrightbower bags are made today. 

We are launching in 2022 after planning our first range during the pandemic. We wanted bags that represented modernity - sustainable materials and genderless designs - and also supported an old British industry. 

A brief look to the future

We know we’re not perfect. There are always improvements to be made to our designs, our processes and our impact. But at Wrightbower, we believe in being accountable and striving for better. 

Do follow our social media to keep up with our progress. We’d love to have you onboard!