About Wrightbower

Wrightbower: bags and accessories conscientiously made in the UK by family team Michael and Jess. We're all about bags with maximum functionality and minimum impact. We create for the cityscape and beyond, right in the heart of Manchester.
We are Michael and Jess, a father and daughter collaboration. Wrightbower is an homage to our Austrian ancestry, an anglicism of Reitbauer. When conceptualising our brand, we wanted something important from our heritage to represent our future. 
Wrightbower operates with limited production runs to ensure minimal waste and all of our processes are, to the best of our knowledge, non-toxic. We love waste and can't wait to expand by repurposing all sorts of discarded fabric and without ever sacrificing our core values.
 We're in the first steps of our journey but have big dreams for what's to come. Support us on social media or feel free to get in touch!