What is ECONYL® nylon?

Wrightbower bags are made with ECONYL® nylon, a material you may not have heard of. We carefully selected it from amongst traditional materials as well as other sustainable options. Let's break down nylon's better-looking descendant...

Why Wrightbower chose ECONYL® fibre

We knew we wanted our bags to be both sturdy and sustainable. With so many choices for kinder materials on the market, why ECONYL®?

A brief history

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from waste that would otherwise pollute the earth, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, old carpets and plastic components. ECONYL® nylon reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with making new material from oil. By recycling old nylon, ECONYL® fibre production bypasses the need for fossil fuels. 

A material we can trust

We use ECONYL® yarn at Wrightbower to help drive the fashion industry towards sustainability. It is a resilient, waterproof material strong enough to hold laptops, books and bottles. For us as manufacturers it's a great material to work with.